Oak Quercus

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Zone 3
Height: 55′
Spread: 45′

OAK, Bur
Quercus macrocarpal

Extremely cold hardy and adaptable to most soils, the Bur develops a massive spreading size. It exhibits an interesting furrowed corky bark with yellow fall color.

Zone 4
Height: 60′
Spread: 40′

OAK, Heritage
Quercus x macdanielli ‘Clemons’ ‘Long’

An excellent street tree, this cross between English and Bur Oak shows glossy dark green foliage. It is known for its resistance to mildew and broadly pyramidal to oval form.

Zone 4
Height: 35′
Spread: 6′

OAK, Kindred Spirit
Quercus x warei ‘Nadler’, (PP No. 17604)

Kindred Spirit is a unique hybrid oak known to be the tightest of columnar trees. It is mildew and drought resistant making it a favorite for narrow planting areas.

Zone 4
Height: 45′
Spread: 18′

OAK, Regal Prince
Quercus robur x bicolor ‘Long’

This hybrid of English and Swamp White Oak is notable for excellent columnar form and beautiful glossy green summer foliage.

Zone 3
Height: 45′
Spread: 45′

OAK, Swamp White
Quercus bicolor

Known to be the best white oak, it is easy to transplant and will grow in poorly drained soils. Its form is broad and open with lustrous heavy textured green leaves and yellow to reddish fall color.

Zone 4
Height: 50′
Spread: 45′
Red Oak

OAK, Red
Quercus rubra

The Northern Red Oak is a fast growing tree with broad, spreading branches and a rounded form. Its leaves turn a dynamic dark red color in the fall.